Hall of Shame

Here are some photos of bad and sometimes strange things we’ve found during a Tampa Home Inspection.
You really need to clean your dryer vent. Clogged vents are a fire hazard.

Whoops. Not very safe.

Close, no cigar.
Feeling artistic?
Got Mold?
Today’s helper
Lawyers love this sort of tripping hazard.
Flooding problem during Tampa Home Inspection
Sand bags are a clue! Maybe the house has a flooding problem?
You really need to clean the evaporator coil inside your air conditioner. You are breathing this stuff every day all day long.
Also need to clean the inside of the air handler. We find mold inside almost every air handler.
Artificial masonry veneer falling off wall during a Tampa Home Inspection
We find lots of problems with artificial stone, including water intrusion and structural damage.
Pre-Slab new construction inspection in Tampa.
New construction Pre-Slab inspection. Concrete slabs are supposed to be a minimum of 3.5 inches thick. Close, but no cigar!
Pre-Slab new construction inspection: Electrical conduit should be buried to prevent creating a weak spot prone to cracking.
Loose roof tiles can blow off during high winds.
Too close for comfort!
Did I mention you should clean the inside of your air conditioner?
Roof leak found with thermal imaging.
Large gap between air handler and return duct sucks a huge amount of attic air into the system.
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